• Automotive transactions and trends

    In this report, we review the global automotive mergers and acquisitions that took place in 2Q14, and look ahead at the expected future trends.

  • Automotive Capital Confidence Barometer

    Rising confidence in economic and employment growth, credit availability and corporate earnings all indicate automotive executives’ positive outlook. We explore these trends in our barometer.

  • Automotive Business Pulse

    With growing economies, an expanding middle class and low vehicle penetration rates, emerging markets are the key source of growth for today’s global automotive industry.

  • The quest for telematics 4.0: Dialogue with the value chain stakeholders

    Stakeholders across the value chain weigh in on the challenges and opportunities ahead in the telematics ecosystem.

  • Megatrends shaping the Latin American light vehicle market

    The Latin America region is continuing its evolution into an established manufacturing and sales hub for the automotive industry. We explore.

  • Cash on the road 2013

    Our annual working capital report finds improved WC performance. But will this trend continue and how will regional factors influence it?

  • The Eurozone and the automotive sector

    Faced with global competition and weak demand, the automotive industry must rethink its strategy. Our insights can help on vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and dealers seize opportunities.

  • Russian and CIS automotive industry

    Russia remains one of the most attractive markets in Europe. This report outlines our view of the current state and future development of the industry.

  • 采用自动驾驶汽车









Jim Carter video interview
安永美洲区汽车业财务交易咨询主管合伙人Jim Carter对我们每半年进行一次的汽车业并购调查的主要结果作出分析。

Automotive Viewpoints

Looking for extra guidance on specific industry topics? Read our viewpoints on current issues.