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Every quarter, our specialist magazine informs you about developments in the fields of corporate governance, law, tax and accounting. Experience firsthand the profound expertise, practical added value and tailored content geared specifically to your work as a member of a supervisory or management board.

Commencing with this issue, we will offer you short versions of the Governance Matters Quarterly in English. In line with our core topic, we present clearly worded articles and crisp visuals, with the following regular sections:

  • Hot topics: Corporate governance issues of particular relevance, presented in their broader context, reconsidered, rounded out with experience from the real-world work of supervisory boards, and discussed with highly regarded interviewees.
  • Spotlight: The latest corporate governance topics viewed from a variety of perspectives – with a focus on industry-specific issues, aspects of corporate law, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Corporate governance news: All the latest news on corporate governance, digested and delivered directly to your desk.

The latest issue of Governance Matters Quarterly is coming soon.