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IT risk management and performance improvement

IT is an important element of successful business solutions. To be able to deliver value through IT, it is important that IT risks are handled as a part of the organization’s overall risk landscape.

With an increasing flow of regulations and compliance requirements, both business and IT functions need to adapt to meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders. We help our clients handle IT risk and improve business performance based on their needs.

Whether your organization is going through major change, is affected by new regulatory requirements or is worried about the efficiency of your IT risk management practices, we can help you identify, analyze and manage IT risks efficiently. We employ global methods and international standards such as ISO 27000, COBIT and SOX. 

Our services are divided into three main areas:

IT assurance

  • We help you analyze and evaluate how your organization handles IT risks.

IT controls

  • We help you handle business processes and information security in a structured and efficient way through design and implementation of control frameworks.

IT risk transformation

  • We provide risk management assistance in a changing IT environment. We advise in relation to specification of requirements and follow-up in connection with IT outsourcing and management, internally as well as externally.

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