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    The evolution of borderless financial crime
    (pdf, 5.51 MB)
    21 Feb, 2014 United States

    The financial services industry is facing an emerging era of borderless, networked financial crime threats. Is the industry ready?

    Federal Reserve Bank details preparedness rules
    (pdf, 89.58 KB)
    10 Feb, 2014 United States

    On January 24, 2014, the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) clarified heightened supervisory expectations regarding recovery and resolution preparedness for eight domestic bank holding companies.

    EY - Anti-money laundering issues for financial institutions Anti-money laundering issues for financial institutions
    (pdf, 444.50 KB)
    06 Feb, 2014 United States

    In this Financier Worldwide's TalkingPoint, Steve Beattie, a principal at Ernst & Young LLP, discusses anti-money laundering issues faced by financial institutions.

    EY - OCC issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking OCC issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
    (pdf, 844.21 KB)
    31 Jan, 2014 United States

    New guidelines from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency establish heightened standards for certain large national banks and other financial institutions.

    Swap dealer risk management and internal audit
    (pdf, 164.25 KB)
    23 Dec, 2013 United States

    The Dodd-Frank Act requires the risk and compliance functions of swap dealers and major swap participants to establish a risk management program (RMP).

    EY - The next generation of financial advisors The next generation of financial advisors
    (pdf, 208.27 KB)
    04 Dec, 2013 United States

    Demographic shifts are simultaneously increasing the demand for investment services and thinning the ranks of qualified financial advisors. Learn six strategies to fill this gap.

    Social media risk management
    (pdf, 108.57 KB)
    04 Dec, 2013 United States

    Our alert analyzes a proposal from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and how that guidance can create a framework to handle social media-related risk.

    Enhanced standards for daily liquidity reporting
    (pdf, 143.63 KB)
    25 Nov, 2013 United States

    Our regulatory alert highlights key points of a recent Federal Reserve proposal that updates bank liquidity reporting standards for institutions supervised by the Fed.

    How finance can benefit from predictive analytics
    (pdf, 376.13 KB)
    20 Nov, 2013 United States

    Consider four ways that predictive analytics can increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships in this mature and highly regulated industry.

    Managing financial services regulatory compliance
    (pdf, 343.89 KB)
    19 Nov, 2013 United States

    Our consulting professionals, including former regulators, have the experience to help you understand new and evolving compliance requirements, develop appropriate responses and implement sustainable changes.

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