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    Building recap Building Recap Q1 2014
    (pdf, 326.73 KB)
    23 Apr, 2014 Canada

    Steady as she goes: stable home and building signals in Q1 2014

    EY Canadian Capital Confidence Barometer - April 2014
    (pdf, 676.96 KB)
    14 Apr, 2014 Canada

    Staging for growth. Growth mandates — driven by increased confidence and credit availability — will spur M&A activity across mature and emerging markets.

    Liquefied natura -gas in Canada Competing for LNG demand: the pricing sturcture debate
    (pdf, 3.07 MB)
    03 Apr, 2014 Canada

    The shale gas revolution is driving a dramatic restructuring of global natural gas markets.

    Quebec Transaction Snapshot - Q4-2013
    (pdf, 4.71 MB)
    28 Feb, 2014 Canada

    Mixed year comes to an end. What lies ahead for 2014?

    Packaging recap Packaging Recap Q4 2013
    (pdf, 267.05 KB)
    06 Feb, 2014 Canada

    The year in review

    Food recap Food and Beverage Recap Q3 2013
    (pdf, 319.85 KB)
    15 Jan, 2014 Canada

    How will a mega-deal impact the shape of the Canadian food and grocery marketplace?

    Building recap Building Recap Q4 2013
    (pdf, 377.04 KB)
    15 Jan, 2014 Canada

    Cautious optimism – positive home and building signals in Q4 2013

    EY - Transaction Advisory Services in Canada Transaction Advisory Services in Canada
    (pdf, 1.80 MB)
    10 Dec, 2013 Canada

    Managing capital and transactions in a changing world.

    Packaging recap Packaging Recap Q3 2013
    (pdf, 261.89 KB)
    02 Dec, 2013 Canada

    Dealmaking down, value boosted by large transactions

    Quebec Transaction Snapshot - Q3-2013
    (pdf, 1.67 MB)
    27 Nov, 2013 Canada

    Economic uncertainty tempers transaction volumes

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