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    Quebec Transaction Snapshot - Q3-2014
    (pdf, 2.01 MB)
    08 Dec, 2014 Canada

    Consistent trends: mega deals, increasing confidence but… decreasing volume

    Packaging recap Packaging Recap Q3 2014
    (pdf, 376.05 KB)
    05 Nov, 2014 Canada

    Global M&A rebound led by megadeals. Middle-market following.

    Building recap Building Recap Q3 2014
    (pdf, 206.43 KB)
    05 Nov, 2014 Canada

    Strong economic fundamentals at odds with the market

    EY Canadian Capital Confidence Barometer - October 2014
    (pdf, 163.47 KB)
    14 Oct, 2014 Canada

    Canadian executives continue to have all-time high confidence in both the Canadian and global economies, yet they are more tentative around M&A than US counterparts.

    Renewable energy investment: Canada Renewable energy investment: Canada - September 2014 - Issue 5
    (pdf, 3.13 MB)
    24 Sep, 2014 Canada

    Our latest issue reviews district reviews energy projects development best practice and discusses where future district energy growth is likely to occur.

    EY - Guide to going public in Canada Guide to going public in Canada
    (pdf, 2.57 MB)
    09 Sep, 2014 Canada

    A successful IPO can take your business to the next stage in its growth journey. But deciding when and how to go public isn’t easy.

    Quebec Transaction Snapshot - Q2-2014
    (pdf, 1.40 MB)
    15 Aug, 2014 Canada

    Return of the “mega-deal”: Quebec tracking US and global trends

    Packaging recap Packaging Recap Q2 2014
    (pdf, 270.25 KB)
    13 Aug, 2014 Canada

    Q2 2014: M&A rebound?

    Building recap Building Recap Q2 2014
    (pdf, 129.71 KB)
    24 Jul, 2014 Canada

    Economic rollercoasters: a wild ride in Q2 2014

    Quebec Transaction Snapshot - Q1-2014
    (pdf, 1.36 MB)
    18 Jun, 2014 Canada

    A slow start to 2014

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