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    EY - Shifting gear - Capacity management in the automotive industry Shifting gear - Capacity management in the automotive industry
    (pdf, 2,53 MB)
    24 Apr, 2015 Global

    In this study, we discuss how the global recession impacted the automotive supply chain and look at how manufacturers can improve capacity planning and management.

    EY - Automotive transactions and trends CY2014 Automotive transactions and trends CY 2014
    (pdf, 2,30 MB)
    15 Apr, 2015 Global

    The automotive sector witnessed record deal activity in 2014 with continued growth in the developed markets and the need to penetrate emerging markets.

    EY - Changing lanes 2015–16 Changing lanes 2015-16
    (pdf, 568,20 KB)
    03 Mar, 2015 Global

    In our latest report, EY highlights key themes identified by auto partners and C-suite executives to gain insight on the main challenges faced by clients.

    EY - Russia’s automotive finance market Driving growth through roadblocks: A look at Russia's automotive finance market
    (pdf, 1,02 MB)
    08 Jan, 2015 Global

    In this report, we explore the roadblocks impacting the Russian market after the country’s strong economic growth over the last decade.

    EY - Argentina sovereign debt: automotive industry impact Argentina: understanding the current situation
    (pdf, 550,10 KB)
    08 Jan, 2015 Global

    Argentina is still in negotiations with holdouts of its restructured debt. We discuss the potential impacts on the automotive industry.

    EY - Automotive transactions and trends 3Q2014 Automotive transactions and trends 3Q2014
    (pdf, 1,96 MB)
    06 Jan, 2015 Global

    This EY report reviews the global automotive mergers and acquisitions that took place in 3Q14 and look ahead at the expected future trends.

    EY - Automotive industry - the quest for telematics 4.0 The quest for telematics 4.0 roundtable
    (pdf, 1,97 MB)
    01 Dec, 2014 Global

    In this report we summarize findings from EY’s roundtable discussion examining the business model for connectivity.

    Capital Confidence Barometer: Automotive - October 2014
    (pdf, 2.92 MB)
    05 Nov, 2014 Global

    In the 10th edition of EY’s Capital Confidence Barometer, we explore how middle-market deals are set to dominate M&A activities for the auto industry.

    EY - Automotive capital confidence barometer Automotive capital confidence barometer - October 2014
    (pdf, 1,27 MB)
    03 Nov, 2014 Global

    Our most recent survey finds the automotive sector as the leading industry sector for driving future transactions. Read more in our bi-annual report.

    EY - The new revenue recognition standard — automotive The new revenue recognition standard - automotive
    (pdf, 119,50 KB)
    03 Sep, 2014 Global

    Due to the new revenue recognition standards recently issued, automotive entities may need to make changes. We highlight the key considerations and next steps.

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