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    EY - Automotive transactions and trends EY - Automotive transactions and trends
    (pdf, 1,16 MB)
    27 Aug, 2014 Global

    The first half of 2014 has been very positive for the global automotive sector with strong growth,particularly in developed markets.

    EY - Cash on the road 2014 Cash on the road 2014
    (pdf, 1,65 MB)
    18 Jul, 2014 Global

    In our latest working capital report, we highlight the results from EY’s analysis of the top automotive suppliers in 2013.

    EY - Automotive executives moving toward a great rebalancing act Automotive executives moving toward a great rebalancing act
    (pdf, 110,94 KB)
    16 Jul, 2014 Global

    EY’s 9th Automotive Capital Confidence Barometer shows industry rebalancing act has executives focused on operating cost reductions and M&A activity that will make significant headlines.

    EY - Automotive capital confidence barometer 9th edition Automotive Capital Confidence Barometer 9th edition
    (pdf, 1,70 MB)
    04 Jul, 2014 Global

    In EY’s annual automotive capital confidence barometer, we explore the trends that have led the auto industry to embark on a great rebalancing.

    EY - Automotive industry: the quest for telematics 4.0 The quest for telematics 4.0: Dialogue with the value chain
    (pdf, 1,35 MB)
    02 Jul, 2014 Global

    To realize the potential of telematics in the automotive sector, stakeholders must focus on value-added services. Read more highlights from EY’s roundtable.

    Automotive transactions and trends
    (pdf, 902.85 KB)
    05 Jun, 2014 Global

    In this report, we review the global automotive mergers and acquisitions that took place in 1Q14, and look ahead at the expected future trends.

    EY - Deploying autonomous vehicles Deploying autonomous vehicles
    (pdf, 849.49 KB)
    03 Jun, 2014 Global

    The urgency to make AVs a reality has gathered pace recently. This report offers our take on the commercial considerations and urban mobility scenarios.

    EY - Global technology M&A update Global technology M&A update: 1Q14 highlights
    (pdf, 3.33 MB)
    15 May, 2014 Global

    Global technology M&A had a “blowout” first quarter of 2014. EY explores the multiple big-ticket deals and one megadeal the sector witnessed.

    EY - The case against auditor rotation rules The case against auditor rotation rules
    (pdf, 302.54 KB)
    17 Apr, 2014 Global

    A growing number of countries are adopting auditor rotation rules to maintain independence and guard against overly close auditor/management relationships. We discuss the down sides.

    EY - The value of big data technology Ready for takeoff?
    (pdf, 2.29 MB)
    17 Apr, 2014 Global

    Businesses are racing to exploit the opportunities big data presents. How can they overcome the practical and legal difficulties of implementation?

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