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    What’s Europe driving in 1H15?
    (pdf, 209,44 KB)
    21 Jul, 2015 Global

    Car sales in the EU continued to grow during the first half of 2015. June marked the 22nd consecutive month of growth.

    EY - What is North America driving in 2Q15? What's North America driving in 2Q15?
    (pdf, 237,11 KB)
    03 Jul, 2015 Global

    North American automotive sales continued to grow in 2Q15 and into the second half of the year. This infographic gives you the key facts.

    EY - Shipping Industry Almanac 2014 Shipping Industry Almanac - 2014
    (pdf, 3,54 MB)
    16 Jun, 2015 Global

    The latest issue of EY's Shipping Industry Almanac provides a summary of the local shipping industry infrastructure and regulatory...

    EY - Future of automotive retail Future of automotive retail
    (pdf, 1,59 MB)
    11 Jun, 2015 Global

    Shifting from transactional to customer-centric

    EY - Automotive - Global Capital Confidence Barometer - May 2015 Automotive - Global Capital Confidence Barometer - May 2015
    (pdf, 2,06 MB)
    26 May, 2015 Global

    Our most recent Capital Confidence Barometer survey finds 70% of survey respondents expecting to pursue acquisitions in the next 12 months.

    Who’s in the driving seat?
    (pdf, 1,89 MB)
    15 May, 2015 Global

    How the rise of autonomous vehicles will transform the relationship between man and car.

    EY - Meeting the auto industry capacity management crisis Meeting the auto industry's capacity management crisis
    (pdf, 128,30 KB)
    30 Apr, 2015 Global

    With the automotive supply chain straining to meet growing demand, manufacturers must improve their capacity planning and management. EY's Sven Dharmani, Principal, Performance Improvement, explains.

    EY - Shifting gear - Capacity management in the automotive industry Shifting gear - Capacity management in the automotive industry
    (pdf, 3.42 MB)
    24 Apr, 2015 Global

    In this study, we discuss how the global recession impacted the automotive supply chain and look at how manufacturers can improve capacity planning and management.

    EY - Automotive transactions and trends CY2014 Automotive transactions and trends CY 2014
    (pdf, 2,30 MB)
    15 Apr, 2015 Global

    The automotive sector witnessed record deal activity in 2014 with continued growth in the developed markets and the need to penetrate emerging markets.

    EY - Changing lanes 2015–16 Changing lanes 2015-16
    (pdf, 568,20 KB)
    03 Mar, 2015 Global

    In our latest report, EY highlights key themes identified by auto partners and C-suite executives to gain insight on the main challenges faced by clients.

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