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    EY - Commercial excellence in pharma 3.0 cover EY-commercial-excellence-in-pharma-3-0
    (pdf, 1,33 MB)
    12 Feb, 2014 Global

    EY - Commercial excellence in pharma 3.0

    Progressions 2010: Pharma 3.0 GPI_report_2010_Progressions_Pharma_3
    (pdf, 4,13 MB)
    15 Jan, 2014 Global

    Progressions: Pharma 3.0

    EY - Worldwide research and development incentive guide EY-Worldwide-RD-incentives-reference-guide-2013-2014
    (pdf, 6,67 MB)
    02 Jan, 2014 Global

    Research and development (R&D) incentives have grown in number and importance in recent years. Read our latest guide detailing R&D incentive regimes in 34 countries.

    EY - Managing regulatory and legal risk in the digital world - publication cover Managing regulatory and legal risk in the digital world
    (pdf, 8.95 MB)
    14 Oct, 2013 Global

    As the availability of health information via digital channels grows, life sciences companies face increasing regulatory and legal risks. What steps should be taken now?

    EY - Cash on prescription 2013 Cash on prescription 2013
    (pdf, 435.06 KB)
    14 Aug, 2013 Global

    The 14 leading pharma companies have up to US$40 billion tied up unnecessarily in working capital. What strategies can help companies increase efficiency?

    Biopharma in an era of elusive growth
    (pdf, 977.59 KB)
    03 Jul, 2013 Global

    Have investor-friendly capital allocation and new competitors upended the world order in M&A? Find out how the biopharma sector is facing this challenge.

    Swiss Biotech Report 2013 Swiss biotechnology report 2012
    (pdf, 1.56 MB)
    12 Jun, 2013 Global

    In a rapidly changing global market, the ability of a country tocreativity into innovative products and services.

    German biotechnology Report 2013 German biotechnology report 2013
    (pdf, 465.58 KB)
    12 Jun, 2013 Global

    This is mainly driven by a strong technology base ensuring the manufacturing of high value products with an excellent reputation in global markets.

    Italian Biotechnology Report 2013 2012 Italian Biotechnology Report: BioInItaly
    (pdf, 1.58 MB)
    12 Jun, 2013 Global

    Advances in biotechnological research are synonymous with Italy’s industrial dynamism.

    Beyond borders Beyond_borders
    (pdf, 5.28 MB)
    22 Apr, 2013 Global

    We saw a strong performance by major biotech players, but a challenging environment for the rest of the industry. Read more ..

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