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    EY - Privcap/Report Privcap - Report
    (pdf, 1.48 MB)
    23 Sep, 2014 Global

    Mexican Energy + Private CapitalExpert views on a major investment opportunity

    EY - Financial reporting briefs Financial reporting briefs
    (pdf, 689.97 KB)
    19 Sep, 2014 Global

    What you need to know about this quarter’s accounting, financial reporting and other developments

    Global Tax Alert
    (pdf, 590.08 KB)
    15 Sep, 2014 Global

    New Mexican fiscal system approved for the oil and gasindustry.

    The new case for shared services
    (pdf, 917.08 KB)
    11 Sep, 2014 Global

    The new case for shared services.

    (pdf, 196.71 KB)
    15 Aug, 2014 Global

    Megaprojects, the new norm in the industry, deliver mixed results. Take a closer look.

    EY - Spotlight on oil and gas megaprojects EY Spotlight on oil and gas megaprojects
    (pdf, 830.75 KB)
    12 Aug, 2014 Global

    EY - Spotlight on oil and gas megaprojects

    EY - Mexico’s emerging infrastructure opportunity Mexico’s emerging infrastructure opportunity
    (pdf, 1.66 MB)
    16 Jul, 2014 Global

    EY sees opportunities to add capital and structure to the Mexico oil and gas sector. Learn about the midstream investments available in this emerging market.

    EY - Financial Reporting Briefs, June 2014 Financial reporting briefs - June 2014
    (pdf, 869.25 KB)
    19 Jun, 2014 Global

    This edition highlights the latest developments in financial reporting for the oil and gas industry and alerts you to some important considerations for 2014.

    EY - Global oil & gas tax guide 2014 Global oil and gas tax guide 2014
    (pdf, 2.16 MB)
    16 Jun, 2014 Global

    Our annual guide covers tax policies in 80 countries. Learn which countries are using their policies to attract business and expanding their focus on unconventionals.

    EY - Funding challenges in the oil and gas sector Funding challenges in the oil and gas sector
    (pdf, 785.98 KB)
    04 Jun, 2014 Global

    The oil and gas industry has been experiencing a period of major investment, with upstream spending topping $700 billion in 2013.

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