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    EY - Trends in real estate private equity Trends in real estate private equity
    (pdf, 2.90 MB)
    13 Feb, 2015 Global

    Changing consumer and business preferences are disrupting the real estate industry. Our Global Real Estate Private Equity report identifies the major trends.

    EY - Global hospitality insights 2015 Global hospitality insights 2015
    (pdf, 3.35 MB)
    16 Jan, 2015 Global

    This report reveals key issues and trends we believe will be the primary areas of focus in the global hospitality industry in the upcoming year.

    EY - How Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction helps EY Real Estate offers global connections, support as cross-border capital surges
    (pdf, 65,84 KB)
    22 Oct, 2014 Global

    In an interview with Property Investor Europe, Global Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Leader Howard Roth discusses industry trends and our work with key clients.

    ULI-EY Consensus Forecast (October 2014)
    (pdf, 1.05 MB)
    14 Oct, 2014 Global

    Get a snapshot of what’s to come in the real estate market with our three-year forecast — a collaboration with the Urban Land Institute.

    EY - Global Perspectives 2014 REIT report Global Perspectives 2014 REIT report
    (pdf, 2,42 MB)
    02 Oct, 2014 Global

    Our Global Perspectives: 2014 REIT report finds that REIT IPOs now dominate the real estate IPO market as the REIT brand continues to expand.

    EY - Infrastructure in Russia: the road to 2030 EY-the-road-to-2030-survey-of-infrastructure-development-in-russia
    (pdf, 4,31 MB)
    25 Jun, 2014 Global

    Total investment in infrastructure projects in Russia is expected to reach USD $969b by 2030. However, legislative reforms and transparent decision-making are required for growth.

    EY - Gaming industry risks mitigated with big data EY-the-perfect-storm
    (pdf, 147,05 KB)
    25 Jun, 2014 Global

    With the gaming industry facing money laundering and financial crime, many industry executives are turning to big data initiatives to help mitigate these challenges.

    EY - Capital confidence barometer: real estate - June 2014 Capital confidence barometer: real estate - June 2014
    (pdf, 1.75 MB)
    20 Jun, 2014 Global

    Despite slow momentum, confidence in fundamentals remains high, fueling optimism about future deal-making in the real estate, hospitality and construction sectors. Our annual report explores.

    EY - Infrastructure 2014: shaping the competitive city EY-infrastructure-2014-shaping-the-competitive-city
    (pdf, 1.63 MB)
    08 Apr, 2014 Global

    In this year’s report, we surveyed global real estate and civic leaders about the role infrastructure plays in the quest for community growth and development.

    EY - Capitalizing on recovery Building a leading businessHighlights EY-capitalizing-on-recovery-building-a-leading-business
    (pdf, 2,58 MB)
    28 Feb, 2014 Global

    As 2014 opens, confidence is surging back into the hotel market. However, challenges remain. Read about the themes discussed in our annual workshop.

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