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    EY - Big-data-backlash EY-The-Big-Data-Backlash
    (pdf, 5.75 MB)
    07 Mar, 2014 United Kingdom

    Our survey of both businesses and consumers looks at how companies use Big Data, and consumer attitudes towards sharing personal information.

    EY - Big Data EY-Big-data-backlash-report
    (pdf, 1.25 MB)
    09 Jan, 2014 United Kingdom

    EY-Big-data-backlash-report pdf

    Annual Financial Crime Trends Survey 2012 Annual Financial Crime Trends Survey 2012
    (pdf, 2.13 MB)
    09 Apr, 2013 United Kingdom

    Our first Annual Financial Crime Compliance Survey, produced with the International Compliance Association, looks at the impact of financial crime on financial services firms.

    Insights on IT risk Privacy trends 2012 Privacy trends 2012: The case for growing accountability
    (pdf, 1.77 MB)
    01 Feb, 2012 United Kingdom

    Our annual publication looks at privacy trends and the issues our clients face across industries and geographies, and discovered a common theme accountability.

    Digital data opportunities: Customer digital thought leadership Digital data opportunities - Using insight to drive relevance in the digital world
    (pdf, 1,002.87 KB)
    07 Nov, 2011 United Kingdom

    Digital products and services result in consumers generating huge volumes of personal data, captured by organisations through digital channels or devices.

    Insights on IT risk - February 2010 - Top privacy issues for 2010 Insights on IT risk - 02 2010 - Top privacy issues for 2010
    (pdf, 582.59 KB)
    08 Mar, 2010 United Kingdom

    Introduces the related topics of privacy risk management and compliance, discussing how effective management can lead to increased value.

    Frand Investigation and Dispute Services Product recall
    (pdf, 408.12 KB)
    19 Oct, 2009 United Kingdom

    An increasingly litigious environment and raised awareness of potential liability claims have led manufacturers to consider product recall even when only slight liability risk exists.

    Frand Investigation and Dispute Services Forensic due diligence
    (pdf, 6.43 MB)
    19 Oct, 2009 United Kingdom

    Make better divestment and acquisition decisions: mitigate bribery and corruption risk before the deal is closed.

    Frand Investigation and Dispute Services Recovering the cost of third party damage to your infrastructure
    (pdf, 327.93 KB)
    15 Mar, 2009 United Kingdom

    Every utility company is under a statutory obligation to maintain its infrastructure of pipes and cables.

    Frand Investigation and Dispute Services Business interruption
    (pdf, 209.26 KB)
    15 Jan, 2009 United Kingdom

    In this issue: Companies reel in blast’s £1 billion aftershock; and Fires. Floods. Explosions.

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