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  • Dr. James Mwangi CEO and Managing Director Equity Bank Limited, from Kenya, was named the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 at an awards ceremony in Monte Carlo on Saturday, 9 June. Dr. Mwangi turned Equity Bank from a failing micro-finance group into a publicly listed commercial bank, transforming the lives of millions in the process. By giving ordinary people access to modern, inclusive financial services he has allowed them to maximize their opportunities.

  • Nature or Nurture? Decoding the DNA of the entrepreneur
    Are entrepreneurs born or bred? Through our Entrepreneur Of The Year program, we've probed the minds of 685 entrepreneurial leaders to unearth what it is that makes them successful.

  • Igniting innovation: how hot companies fuel growth from within
    What can your organization do to cultivate the spirit of innovation and retain "intrapreneurial" thinkers?

  • Funding the future: Access to finance for entrepreneurs in the G20, the report analyzes the funding environment at each of the four stages of entrepreneurial development: pre-seed and seed; start-up; emerging growth; and finally expansion. We provide recommendations for action at each stage of development for(pdf, 729.1kb)  entrepreneurs and governments. 

  • Entrepreneurs speak out - A call to action for G20 governments. This study focuses on the entrepreneurship environment of G20 countries through the lens of five fundamental enablers: entrepreneurship culture; education and training; access to funding; regulation and taxation; and coordinated support.


The road to Monte Carlo

The 2012 Entrepreneur Of The Year country winners will gather in Monte Carlo on 6-9 June 2013 for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. Each country winner will be inducted into the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Academy and vied for the title of World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013.

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