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Today’s real estate, hospitality and construction companies must adopt new approaches to address regulatory requirements and financial risks – while meeting the challenges of expanding globally and achieving sustainable growth.

Our Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction practice has the ability to mobilize a team of seasoned professionals to address complex and demanding challenges. Providing seamless services across borders, we can help move you forward. Are you ready to break ground?

In working with you, we draw on our industry knowledge and insight to help you strategically position yourself wherever you are in the world.

Let us help you better understand some of our core services:

Strategic business planning

Knowing where to play is as important as knowing how to play. The primary goal of our Strategic Business Planning services is to assist as the main advisor to individuals and corporations.

Our approach consists of understanding your goals and objectives, identifying market alternatives, evaluating and analyzing different scenarios. We support you in developing an actionable business plan.

Valuation Advisory

Our services help you assess the fair market value of your real estate assets or company based on different market valuation methods.

Financial and commercial due diligence

Performing financial and commercial due diligence on any target acquisitions in the real estate and hospitality sector that you intend to make.

Development advisory services

Our services include site evaluations and strategic market research. This consists of an international benchmark of relocation incentives and a general market overview of a selected group of real estate uses.

We also conduct alternative industry cluster analysis, including potential industry cluster requirements and market positioning of the Project. Providing international/regional benchmarks of master planned cities and real estate development strategy meetings to co-develop the assumptions.

Market and financial feasibility studies

We perform market and financial feasibility studies for your project. This involves a site inspection and evaluation, economic and demographic environment of the market, and independent analysis of the real estate market. This would include both existing and proposed supply.

In addition, we review the facilities program and comment on the number of units, size, unit mix and appropriate mix of facilities.

The end result is an evaluation of each project component in terms of demand and revenue generation potential and provides details of estimated operating costs culminating in an EBITDA estimate.

Highest and best use analysis

We assist you in preparing a highest and best use study for your project, which identifies physically possible and market driven uses for the available land. The study contains a high level market review in regards to the market background, current and future supply, trends in demand and pricing levels.

We present to you a short list of potential real estate uses based upon a weighted analysis. Furthermore, we co-develop the major assumptions forming the basis for estimated operating costs culminating in indicative cash flow statements for each potential use.

Operator Search and selection management contract reviews

Selecting the 'right' management company is key. Our services are designed to select a management company/operator on a timely basis to meet your needs as well as to provide professional advice during the contract negotiation process.

We create value by aligning the vision of the asset with return expectations, providing an equitable and analytical selection process. We also provide indispensable knowledge of the industry and players, bench commercial contract terms and assist you in the implementation of the management company relationship.

Repositioning analysis

Is staying ahead of your competitive set your challenge? Wondering where to invest your money to improve your bottom line?

We can benchmark your property and help you identify your key opportunities for improvement: renovation, re-branding, cost containment, enhancing product/services quality, increasing product/service differentiation, improving the sales/marketing strategy in rooms, food and beverage, meeting/banquet and all other revenue generating departments.

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