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EY Young Tax Professional of the Year

Lue lisää kaikille veroalan opiskelijoille avoimesta kansainvälisestä kilpailusta. Hakuaika Suomen alkukilpailuun päättyy 29.3.2015.


YTPY experience

Lue Vilho Lammin, vuoden 2014 Suomen voittajan ja kansainvälisen kilpailun kakkosen, kokemuksista EY:n Young Tax Professional of the Year -kilpailussa.


EY Young Tax Professional of the Year 2015

EY - Young Tax Professional of the Year 2015
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Young Tax Professional of the Year

EY's Young Tax Professional of the Year is an international tax contest which allows successful students interested in tax to test and demonstrate their technical and professional tax skills. Students from all over the world are urged to attend, ensuring participation from students from a variety of countries. The competition runs in two stages, the first stage on a national level and the second on an international level. The national competition will be held on May 7, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. The international final takes place in the Netherlands in December 2015.

Stage 1 - The national competition

The first stage of the competition takes place in Helsinki, Finland on May 7, 2015. During the first round we challenge your technical abilities and wider commercial strengths. You will compete in teams solving a critical tax case and present your findings to a jury of renowned tax professionals. If you do well against some of the best minds in Finland and become a country finalist you will have the chance to represent Finland at the YTPY international final. Please note that the competition is held in English.

Stage 2 - The International Final

During the four-day international final, the successful country finalists work closely with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Participants are challenged with case studies and interviews before expert judges. The judges' panel chooses three individuals for the Young Tax Professional of the Year Award and the finalists are invited to an awards ceremony where — after a final review of performance throughout the competition — the winners are announced. The international final will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from Sunday 29 November to Thursday 3 December 2015.


Stage 1 - National Prizes
The best candidates in Finland will be competing for the following prizes:

1st prize: A three month paid trainee period at EY, participation in the international competition and a 1500 euro reward. 
2nd prize: A three month paid trainee period at EY, deputy person to the international competition and a 1000 euro reward.
3rd prize: A three month paid trainee period at EY and a 500 euro reward.

Stage 2- International Prizes
For the three international finalists, there are added rewards, including:

1st prize: A 30-day round-the-world business trip built around a 10-day working visits to Tax Centers e.g. London, Washington D.C. and Hong Kong.
2nd prize: A 10-day visit to one of EY’s Tax Centers.
3rd prize: An invitation to take part in one of our exceptional EY international client conferences, where you will rub shoulders with some of our finest partners and most valued clients.

How to take part in the competition

The Young Tax Professional of the Year -competition targets students graduating in law or economics within the next 18 months.The application period for 2015 ends on 29.3.2015.

Apply now!

If you have any further questions about the competition, please contact  Consultant Marjukka Virtanen, marjukka.virtanen@fi.ey.com, tel. +358 40 553 5961.