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Asset management transactions advisory services

A transaction is one of the most complex and risky business propositions an organization can undertake. We work with our clients to help them make better and more informed decisions about how they strategically manage capital and transactions in a changing world.

Our services focus around the capital agenda, which helps us to provide our full range of services broadly to our asset management clients and align with their most pressing needs. Whether you’re preserving, optimizing, raising or investing capital, our transactions team brings together a robust combination of skills, insight and experience to deliver tailored advice.

To provide integrated services across the capital agenda, we operate across three sub-service lines globally:

  • Transaction support (focused on financial due diligence)
  • Transaction tax
  • Capital transformation, which includes the following competencies:
    • Valuation and business modeling
    • Restructuring
    • Lead advisory
    • Operational transaction services

We advise our clients on areas impacting transactions, including:

  • Quality of assets under management and its related earning streams
  • Changes in the customer base with an assessment of concentrations, profitability and attrition
  • Product mix and breath of distribution
  • Balance sheet and income statement drivers
  • Tax attributes and structuring
  • Employee benefit programs, compensation structure, and key employee retention
  • Information technology risks associated with platform functionality and scalability
  • Asset valuation and business modeling
  • Business integration and synergy assessment
  • Regulatory changes and implications on the business

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