EY Nordic Russia Summit 2013

Be there | October 8 | Helsinki

Nordic Russia Summit

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Welcome to

EY Nordic Russia Summit 2013

on 8th October 2013 in Helsinki 

When the business gets bigger - are you standing on the playfield or a minefield?

The EY Nordic Russia Summit is a high-level seminar for companies already present in Russia. We will discuss the economic and political environment in Russia as well as - current growth opportunities and challenges. In-depth case studies from companies will provide support and futher insight fot the discussion. The speakers will include top management from companies that have a strong foothold in Russia as well as experts from EY and other organizations. After attending the seminar, you will know, what is happening in Russia today, and what you need to consider when targeting growth in your operations.


Planned program topics

Political risk and government relationship management in Russia

Risk management and internal control of growing Russian operations

How does Internal Audit support business and risk management in Russia?

Lessons learned: fraud and dispute investigation in Russia

M&A update: Keys to succesful growth via acquisition strategy

Insights into the Russian economy and business today

Panel Discussion: When the business gets bigger - how to keep opportunities and operational risks in balance?



A finalized list of speakers will be announced closer to the date. The following names have, however, been confirmed:

• Roman Cherkasov, Manager, Russia desk, EY

• Jukka Hienonen, CEO, SRV Group

• Olga Kleerova, Manager, Russia desk, EY

David Smith, Executive Director - Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY Russia

Laura Solanko, Adviser, Bank of Finland, Institute for Economies in Transition BOFIT

Mikko Teittinen, CEO, Bang & Bonsomer Group Ab

Mirja Tiri, CEO, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Lauri Veijalainen, Development Director for International Operations, Stockmann Group 


Register now for EY Nordic Russia Summit in October. Learn from the experts and exchange experiences on current issues with your counterpart at other major Nordic corporations with well-established operations in Russia.


Looking forward to meeting you in Helsinki!