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Human Capital

Tehokas ja osaava henkilöstö on avain menestykseen

Nykypäivän globaalissa, tiukkaan säännellyssä kilpaillussa liiketoimintaympäristössä yrityksen henkilöstö on olennainen menestykseen vaikuttava tekijä.

Human Capital –palvelumme muodostavat kokonaisuuden, jossa yhdistyvät globaali liikkuvuus, tehokkuus sekä osaamisen johtaminen ja palkitseminen. Kokonaisvaltaisen lähestymistapamme avulla autamme yritystänne saavuttamaan parhaat tulokset henkilöstöpanostuksissanne.

Mobility Services

How well are you managing your mobile workforce?

Our Mobility Services help our clients manage the complex compliance, reporting and risks inherent in deploying a globally mobile workforce. We offer a suite of mobility services that can help make your global mobility program more strategic:

  • Global mobility tax and advisory
  • Global immigration
  • Assignment services
  • International social security
  • Business traveler services

Talent and Reward

Align your talent to your business strategy

Our Talent and Reward services help clients address the range of issues that are associated with reward strategies, talent programs and maintaining workforce effectiveness. To reach its potential, your organization must continuously improve its performance — and sustain that improvement. We can help you optimize these particular business areas:

  • Remuneration
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Talent management
  • HR transactions (due diligence, transaction integration and divestitures)
  • HR compliance and risk
  • Global employment tax services

HR Performance Improvement

Manage your organization’s assets effectively with human resources.

Today there is increased pressure on HR departments to be more efficient by leveraging the organization’s talents, driving profitability and creating meaningful change — all amid budget cuts and hiring freezes.

We can help your company develop and implement programs specifically designed around these areas of HR performance improvement:

  • HR strategy
  • HR and payroll risk
  • HR and payroll transformation
  • HR and payroll service delivery and sourcing



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Mikko Nikunen
Head of Human Capital
p.  0207 280 190 (vaihde)

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