International Location Advisory Services

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The EY ILAS network’s expertise covers fields such as:

  • Development strategy
  • Relocation strategy
  • Network restructuring
  • Cost/quality analysis
  • Assistance for objective decisions

EY's European ILAS team is a veritable business partner when it comes to making decisions about their mobility. A network of experts placed throughout Europe assists company decision makers with their location strategies. The ILAS team goes beyond a simple tax approach by taking into account the full scope of factors affecting operations (accessibility, human resources, technologies, tax, real estate, labor environment, competition, cluster effect, etc.).

European attractiveness survey 2014: Back in the game

EY European attractiveness survey The Eurozone's recession finally came to an end in the second quarter of 2013, businesses have begun to see growth and profits again, and boards are approving investment proposals.

In 2013, foreign investment decisions in the continent reached an all-time high of 3,955 projects, up 4% from the previous year and 17% from the precrisis average.

Investors are more optimistic than last year, but realistic at the same time. They emphasize that recovery is not an invitation to be complacent and that competitiveness remains the key to sustainable growth and a more attractive Europe.  They stress the importance of an ecosystem-related approach to innovation and entrepreneurship as the first step. Investors want to see a more integrated, “single” Europe.

They demand access to skills and labor mobility within and outside Europe, and they hope to face fewer regulations. Furthermore, they believe that making European cities more innovative and “smart” is one of the best ways to demonstrate Europe’s attractiveness to the world.

This is the 12th EY European attractiveness survey. We would like to thank the hundreds of decision-makers and EY professionals who have taken the time to share their thoughts with us in the worst of times and in the best of times.

Learn more in our European Attractiveness survey 2014.

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