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Corporate responsibility and EY - Introduction - EY - Global

Corporate responsibility and EYIntroduction

“We are part of a broader community, and we have a responsibility to invest in society today, in order to make sure that there will be a business context where both we and society can thrive tomorrow.” James S. Turley,
Chairman and CEO

A responsible business strategy and the use of our skills to improve society is how we make a positive contribution to the world — and create a better tomorrow. We all need to ask ourselves: “How can I make a difference?”

At EY, we ask ourselves what we can do to make a difference — not just for our clients or our own business, but:

  • For our communities
  • For the greater good of people everywhere
  • For the sustainability of our planet

Our corporate responsibility encompasses all of this

As an organization and as individuals, our actions affect the world around us. That’s why it’s important that we combine our energy and enthusiasm with our professional skills to make a difference.

On these pages, we highlight several important aspects of our corporate responsibility. You’ll also read how we engage with our communities to drive change and explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Education, entrepreneurship and environment

Education and entrepreneurship bring real benefits to communities in terms of job creation and social cohesion. And as the world gets smaller, pressures on the environment grow. By focusing on these three areas, we can help build a better future.

Our Corporate Responsibility framework

Our people are the heart and soul of corporate responsibility. With support from our organization, they volunteer their time and experience, making a difference in their communities and building valuable leadership skills along the way.

Living examples: our people and our leaders

To demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility, some of our people have shared their volunteer stories. Our leaders also discuss EY’s commitment to corporate responsibility, sharing why it’s important to the company and to them personally.

Our goals are straightforward — to recognize the contributions of our people and to inspire others to ask: “How can I make a difference?”

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