Bringing entrepreneurship to teenagers

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We are proud to support the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization that brings entrepreneurship education to teenagers in low-income communities who are at risk of dropping out of school.

The program helps such students see the relevance of their studies through a series of fun and engaging activities that teach them the key concepts of entrepreneurship and business. Over 25 years, NFTE has provided entrepreneurship education to more than 500,000 young people worldwide who have little support or opportunity.

Mentored by our people, the students acquire critical skills and knowledge as they create business plans for their ideas and take part in classroom, city-wide and national competitions.

Our people volunteer their time: judging business plan competitions, mentoring students and supporting teachers by acting as guest speakers:

  • We supported NFTE in Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the US.
  • We have created the Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Fund, which has raised more than $1M in donations to NFTE in honor of Entrepreneur Of The Year award winners.
  • An EY Partner sits on every NFTE Regional Advisory Board in the US.
  • So far we’ve granted 17 college scholarships to top NFTE US graduates, totaling nearly US$125,000.
  • We have presented NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Awards in countries where NFTE has a presence and where we host our Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards.
  • Maria Pinelli, EY Global Vice Chair, Strategic Growth Markets, serves as Chair of the NFTE Board of Directors.
  • NFTE honored us with its Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2012 for our long-term commitment to fostering entrepreneurship globally and our support of youth entrepreneurship through NFTE.

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