Panel - Educating the workforce of the future

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Session recap

Keep top talent by offering room to grow and innovate

What do entrepreneurs need to think about when it comes to building the A-team of the future? Retaining key talent and making sure everyone in the organization has room to grow and innovate are basics that will put any company in good stead, today and tomorrow.    

When it comes to training, the C-suite has an enormous role to play.  “By and large, people don’t leave organizations because they are unhappy with their salary or working conditions — they leave because they are unhappy with their bosses,” says Robert Silberman of Strayer Education. He suggests making sure leadership is aware of its role in informal training — devoting time and budget to formal training will be wasted if the top brass doesn’t pay attention to mentoring and communication.  

To prosper in the future, employers should consider:  

  • Using online education to level the playing field. Great advances have been made in the quality of digital training programs, and since education is the way up for most employees, this training cannot be overlooked
  • Knowing how to conduct yourself in the future. Basic life skills come into play here — everything from good etiquette to street smarts to learning respect for others  
  • Understanding the country cultures where the business operates — or hopes to
  • Knowing what to code rather than just how to code
  • Solving problems without a road map
  • Developing a global perspective to better work with diverse teams
Panel chair

EY - V.S.S. Mani

Marie Mawad
Bloomberg News

Panel members

EY - Robert S. Silberman

Robert S. Silberman
Executive Chairman
Strayer Education, Inc.


Tom Davidson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
EverFi, Inc.
Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 US


EY - Darko Budeč

Darko Budeč
Chief Executive Officer
BUCK d.o.o
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Serbia


EY - Anne Heraty

Anne Heraty
Founder and CEO
Cpl Resources plc.
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2006 Ireland


EY - David Holtze

David Holtze
Global Vice Chairman — Tax