Panel - Big data and analytics: finding valuable needles in big haystacks

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Session recap

Knowledge is power

Ubiquitous buzz phrase or insightful information? Regardless of your view, panelists say that big data can transform your business and propel it forward.

New to organizations are powerful technologies available to collect and analyze information relating to the habits and preferences of existing and potential customers. To manage the tidal wave of data — and the security infrastructure required to protect it — many companies are now appointing a chief information or analytics officer.

However, the cost of investing in constantly evolving collection and analytics technology can be offputting for start-ups on a shoestring budget. Even so, our panelists believe that smart entrepreneurs who don’t want to get left behind should begin the data journey as early as possible. They need to focus on the outcomes they want to achieve, rather than collecting anything and everything with no clear end goal.

Panel chair


Kenneth Cukier
Data editor


Panel members


EY - Joanna Lau

Joanna Lau
Founder and CEO
Lau Technologies
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 US


EY - Lars Björk

Lars Björk
Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009 US


EY - Carmine DiSibio

Carmine DiSibio
Global Managing Partner – Client Service