Panel - Entrepreneurial spirit at its best: giving back to the world around you

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Session recap

Enhancing communities through business

Social giving isn’t just about charity. It can mean using your business model to offer people something they haven’t had before. Once they become clients, a company can offer them even more. That’s the message shared by a panel of entrepreneurs who spoke about giving back to the world around them.

  • Datuk Tan Say Jim of IRIS Corporation Bhd spoke about the improved national security his electronic passport has brought to those countries using them. He also discussed his company’s initiatives in providing houses for low-income families.
  • Bedriye Hülya of b-fit noted the sense of well-being and belonging her franchise of female-only gyms has created in Turkey. One particular sign of success, she says, was that gym members began arranging their own events at the gym. They treat the space as theirs, rather than as an impersonal place they left as soon as they finished working out.
  • James Mwangi of Equity Bank Group and World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 identified the enormous benefits of expanding the access to banking services to lower-income customers who had never used them before.
  • Brian Lee of The Honest Company explained the history of this company’s mission, creating baby and child care products without petrochemicals. By going the extra mile, the company has created an extra level of trust and loyalty with its clients.

Although all four entrepreneurs manage very different businesses, they are united in their mission of using business to give back to communities — and create a profit while doing so.  

Panel chair

EY - Deborah K. Holmes

Deborah K. Holmes
Americas Director of Corporate Responsibility

Panel members

EY - Datuk Tan Say Jim

Datuk Tan Say Jim
Group Managing Director and CEO
IRIS Corporation Bhd


Bedriye Hülya


EY - James Mwangi

James Mwangi
CEO and Managing Director
Equity Bank Group
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Kenya
World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012


EY - Brian Lee

Brian Lee
Co-founder and CEO
The Honest Company