Keynote presentation: Erik Wahl – The art of vision

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Session recap

Creativity: the new capital for entrepreneurship

Erik Wahl began his lively presentation by speed-painting a portrait of Bono accompanied by U2’s “Beautiful Day.” He related the story of how the dramatic failure of his business caused him to question his entire approach to how he learned and worked. In response, Wahl rediscovered his artistic self — the child who had stopped drawing after a grade-school teacher told him he wasn’t any good at it.

Today, Wahl uses his graffiti-style art to illustrate the power of what business can do when it moves beyond conventional wisdom to open a different door. Echoing Muhammad Yunus, Wahl noted that, at heart, everyone is an entrepreneur. Everyone is an artist. Our creative, entrepreneurial selves can enter through a different door to discover a new way of making vital human connections and improving the world.


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Erik Wahl
The Art of Vision
Internationally recognized artist
No. 1 best-selling author