The challenge of youth unemployment hosted by NFTE

Sponsored by MasterCard

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Session recaps

The kids are all right

A special lunch sponsored by MasterCard  showcased two recent Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship grads who have seen their big dreams come to fruition.

Angela Ivana Greene started her own eponymous company after she was let go by the spa where she had been selling and applying makeup. She thought she could make a go of it herself. “Good luck — you won’t make any money in personal makeup,” she was told as she walked out the spa door for the last time. Her motto: “I won’t take less — I want to create more!” Today her clients include Givenchy, Reebok and MTV.

Kyle Wong is now a serial entrepreneur in his 20s, having helped found three different companies while still in high school. Pixlee is his latest foray into social media. What has he learned? “Success in a startup can hurt the company if you take it the wrong way.”   

EY - Mark A. Weinberger

Mark A. Weinberger
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