How entrepreneurs can influence public policy

Hosted by Beth Brooke-Marciniak and Uschi Schreiber

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Session recap

Public policy and the path to growth  

More than three-quarters of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ winners say they plan to create new jobs over the next 12 months — twice the rate of major corporations. Governments will benefit from this growth as they seek to strengthen their economies, but how can entrepreneurs influence public policy to get the support they need to scale?

In an interactive session, panelists suggested that while many governments are interested in supporting entrepreneurship, they don’t always get it right — providing funding but no mentorship and education, or failing to create a cultural environment supportive of innovation. Nervous of failure and fearful of wasting taxpayer money, policy-makers become risk-adverse and stifle creativity with over-regulation.

Some panelists suggested entrepreneurs should establish connections and associations with each other to form a collective stronger voice that can lobby for a common set of needs. Others argued that, rather than becoming entrenched on opposite sides of the fence, the key to influencing public policy was to consider the public good: build strong relationships with the policy-makers and help them to solve social problems.

Such a strategy positions entrepreneurs as visionary solution-makers, not just job creators.


Hosted by

EY - Beth A. Brooke

Beth Brooke-Marciniak
Global Vice Chair — Regulatory and Public Policy


EY - Uschi Schreiber

Uschi Schreiber
EY Global Markets Leader and
Global Government and Public Sector Leader