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Building a global network with local knowledge

“Japanese companies looking for growth outside of their domestic market need technical support,” says Yoshihiko Nakatani, Assurance Partner and Global Japan Business Services (JBS) Leader, “whether that’s advising on the tax implications of a cross-border acquisition, or filing company accounts according to different, local requirements.

“But there are added complications when you have people from different countries and cultures, speaking different languages, working together on one project. These differences can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. This is where JBS can help.”

JBS is a group of Japanese-speaking professionals — 500 people in 50 countries — who, working with EY teams around the world, help Japanese clients manage their international audit, accounting conversion, taxation and transaction challenges.

Because JBS is made up of bi-lingual subject matter professionals who understand local and Japanese business rules and culture, an important part of JBS’s role is communicating and coordinating between all of the teams supporting a particular client.

Nakatani concludes, “EY’s technical capabilities and industry knowledge are important factors for our clients, but it’s when we combine this with the capabilities of our entire global network that we’re at our most powerful.”

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