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Going the extra mile

We expect our people to go to great lengths to serve our clients. Some of our people take that more literally than others. For Tomas Menezes, a senior manager from our Belo Horizonte office, it meant a 24-month secondment to our Mining & Metals Center in Sydney to polish his skills to help Usiminas, one of Brazil's largest public companies and the largest flat steel producer in Latin America.

Tomas and Engagement Partner Rogério Magalhães had worked on Usiminas's EY audit team prior to 2008, when Brazilian law dictated that the company must switch auditors. Knowing that the next mandatory switch would take place in 2013, Tomas and Rogério were determined to draw upon EY's global strength and connectedness to serve the client even better if they could win back the audit. As well as building Tomas's skills through his secondment, the team worked with our professionals around the world to bring the best possible range of industry perspectives and services to the client.

“This proposal was different from the other ones we had responded to,” says Rogério. “We were talking about using our national and international leaders and our global experience.”

That meant going the extra mile to show our dedication to the project and the extent of our global integration efforts. The EY team was involved in meetings with Usiminas for more than a year, and Global Mining and Metals Leader Mike Elliott and his team from Australia flew in several times to meet with our team and Usiminas executives. This allowed us to respond to Usiminas with an in-depth understanding of the company's challenges and needs. Our experience with the global mining and metals sector helped us share unique industry insights, such as how other steel manufacturers were dealing with the economic downturn or managing their risk.

“Rather than just talking about our proposal, we were able to show it,” says Rogério.

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