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Innovating across the globe

“Making innovation part of each day is challenging but invigorating,” says Erica Bianco, TAS Innovation Network Leader. “It encourages you to be open-minded, to create change and to appreciate that innovation is not always about the latest technology — sometimes it’s the small changes to how you work that make a big difference to the end result.”

Vision 2020 empowers all of our people to find new ways to create value. Across EY, we are selecting and scaling up the most promising ideas to deliver and capture value for our clients, our teams and our global organization. To support this, our TAS practice has an innovation network that drives top-down and bottom-up innovation.

The innovation network comprises more than 120 professionals with representation from across TAS.

“The members are passionate about driving change and coming up with new ideas,” continues Erica. “The network has been the source of ideas on everything from the creation of new services and how we approach our clients, to how we can work more efficiently. One example is Transaction Diligence.”

Transaction Diligence is an innovative new service offering that is broader than traditional methods of due diligence. It offers comprehensive insights into a company’s competitive positioning, operations, capital structure, financial performance and outlook.

“What started as an idea from the network has now been identified as a key source of growth in the TAS practice that will help us reach our organization-wide Vision 2020 goal of market-leading growth and market share globally. This is a testament to what is possible when you create an opportunity for people to share ideas in an open environment,” concludes Erica.

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