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Let your skills do the talking

What do an obstetrician, a pilot and a former Prime Minister of the Netherlands have in common? They represent just some of the talent working in our Advisory practice.

Advisory has more than 30,000 people and each one of them has a unique mix of experience and skills. When such talented people are brought together as part of high-performing teams, they enable us to deliver exceptional client service. But sometimes a person’s best skills aren’t their most obvious ones.

“With such a vast array of expertise available, the challenge is to identify the right people to support our clients, while giving them the opportunity to develop their skills,” says Anna Vatandoust, Oceania Resourcing Leader for Advisory.

The solution is My Competencies, a tool that enables our Advisory professionals around the world to articulate and share their skills and experiences in a consistent way.

My Competencies was envisioned by the Advisory Talent and Resource Management teams to provide career development, networking and client engagement opportunities for our people, and is delivered with support from Program Execution Services, the in-house consulting team for internal change projects at EY.

“In the past, finding the people with the right skills often involved looking through hundreds of employee CVs. This took a lot of time given the lack of consistency in terms of their design and content,” says Anna.

My Competencies allows us to quickly identify the best people for a specific job from across our Advisory network, harnessing their unique skills to respond to client needs. The tool also highlights skills gaps, prompting the Learning and Recruitment teams to fill them.

Anna concludes: “For our people, My Competencies isn’t just an internal profiling tool. It also allows us to develop our skills by working on projects that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

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