Europe’s Ryder Cup captain on building success

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At a recent EY event in London, Paul McGinley explored the leadership and team-building challenges that he faces as Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup Captain. In this extract from the event, Paul explores the challenge of building on success.

As a player and then as a Vice -Captain, I have seen up close how Europe has won five of the last six Ryder Cups. I have seen the template of success and how it works. I have spoken to the former Captains.

I see my job quite clearly as taking that template and enhancing it. I want to put my own identity on it and try to improve it a little in the best way I can, and then roll it out again. I don’t want to be a maverick and go in all of a sudden and change everything. The personnel may change, but I’ve seen what has worked and I want to keep doing it.

A huge amount of work has been done by the various Captains and players over the last two decades or so. This has built up the template for success, and I want to tap into it again.

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