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In sport, as in business, you succeed by getting talent to work together. That is why EY is proud to be an Official Partner of the 2014 Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup is golf’s premier team event. At The Ryder Cup, 12 elite individuals – who usually pursue personal goals of titles, prize money and ranking points – come together to form a team with a common purpose: to win The Ryder Cup.

The task of leading this team falls to the captain. In a very short space of time, and under intense scrutiny, the team captain has to choose the players, assess how they interact and work out how best to motivate each individual.

And the European captain faces the added challenge of combining players from different countries into a coherent team unit. It is a very public, high-stakes test of leadership and teambuilding.

On this site we explore these challenges, using the experiences of Europe’s captain, some of his predecessors, and the stories of The Ryder Cup’s unsung heroes – the team of organizers and advisors who stage the event and support Team Europe.

EY Challenge sets up the leadership journey on which Paul has embarked.

Paul McGinley's leadership journey

In this series of short films, Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley meets leaders from around the world to explore modern leadership and teambuilding in sport and business.

The first film, Challenge, sets up the leadership journey on which Paul has embarked.

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