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EY Forecasts in focus app

Strategic macro findings at your fingertips

Access our thought leadership anywhere with EY Insights, our mobile app

Access facts, figures and forecasts and compare markets relevant to your business — anywhere, anytime on your tablet®. With our EY Forecasts in focus app, strategic macro findings are now at your fingertips.

Download the EY Forecasts in focus app via the iTunes store.        

Specifically the app offers:

  • The quarterly EY Eurozone Forecast and EY Rapid-growth Markets Forecast
  • The quarterly EY Eurozone Financial Services forecast
  • Video clips with commentaries on important macroeconomic developments
  • Figures and facts including economic indicators and country comparisons
  • Robust data based on official statistics, the ECB model and other established forecast models
  • Easily accessible, easy to adapt to business planning tools
  • Analysis and insights into business planning around key macroeconomics developments
  • The ability to personalize your data to create graphs and charts, and to share them with your clients