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EY Forecasts in focus app
Strategic macro findings at your fingertips

      EY Forecasts in focus

Access facts, figures and forecasts and compare markets relevant to your business — anywhere, anytime on your tablet®. With our EY Forecasts in focus app, strategic macro findings are now at your fingertips.

Download the EY Forecasts in focus app via the iTunes store.

Specifically the app offers:

  • The quarterly EY Eurozone Forecast and EY Rapid-growth Markets Forecast
  • The quarterly EY Eurozone Financial Services forecast
  • Video clips with commentaries on important macroeconomic developments
  • Figures and facts including economic indicators and country comparisons
  • Robust data based on official statistics, the ECB model and other established forecast models
  • Easily accessible, easy to adapt to business planning tools
  • Analysis and insights into business planning around key macroeconomics developments
  • The ability to personalize your data to create graphs and charts, and to share them with your clients




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