• Cash on the road 2014

    Our annual working capital report shows improved WC performance over the previous year. But what impact do regional variations have on overall results?

  • Automotive capital confidence barometer

    A renewed focus on optimizing capital and other trends have led the automotive sector to a great rebalancing. Read more in our bi-annual report.

  • Automotive industry: the quest for telematics 4.0

    Dialogue with the value chain: Munich executive roundtable summary. Read key findings highlighting the opportunities and challenges in the telematics marketplace.

  • Automotive transactions and trends

    In this report, we review the global automotive mergers and acquisitions that took place in 1Q14, and look ahead at the expected future trends.

  • Deploying autonomous vehicles (AVs)

    The urgency to make AVs a reality has gathered pace recently. This report offers our take on the commercial considerations and urban mobility scenarios.

  • The value of big data technology

    Businesses are racing to exploit the opportunities big data presents. How can they overcome the practical and legal difficulties of implementation?

  • The case against auditor rotation rules

    A growing number of countries are adopting auditor rotation rules to maintain independence and guard against overly close auditor/management relationships. We discuss the down sides.

  • Changing lanes 2014-15: The automotive C-suite's agenda

    What five themes may dominate the auto industry’s agenda for the next 18 months? We interviewed 100 global automotive partners and C-suite executives to find out.

  • Automotive Capital Confidence Barometer

    Rising confidence in economic and employment growth, credit availability and corporate earnings all indicate automotive executives’ positive outlook. We explore these trends in our barometer.


Integrated services for automotive manufacturers, suppliers and retailers

Today’s automotive industry is affected by many trends. Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labor and capital. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. Companies are balancing competing priorities, ensuring they maintain compliance while adding value.

Through EY’s Global Automotive Center, we can assist you with these critical issues. Our 7,000 automotive-focused professionals collaborate and share knowledge around the world, to provide consistent, high-quality service to our automotive clients.

Key issues in today's automotive environment include:

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EY - Video: Changing Lanes panel discussion

Video: Changing Lanes panel discussion

Mike Hanley, Global Automotive Leader, discusses insights from our recent report, Changing lanes 2014-15: The automotive C-suite's agenda, with a panel of EY executives.

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