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Mega trends in the light vehicle industry - EY - Global

Mega trends in the light vehicle industry


The global recession reset the
automotive industry landscape.

We’ve identified eight mega
trends pointing the way forward.

Click the numbers around
the circle to see each trend.

What questions led us to these eight megatrends?

There are five questions that automakers need to ask themselves to prepare for the next decade.

  • How will products need to adapt?
  • How will business models need to adapt?
  • What are the new market dynamics?
  • What are the supply/value chain issues and implications?
  • How will demand for vehicles and mobility evolve?

When we thought about the possible ways automakers could answer these questions, those answers led us to identify eight megatrends facing the industry. Knowing more about these megatrends can help you understand how your business can leverage opportunities in the industry.

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