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Finding value in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem: Let us help you - EY - Global

Finding value in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem

Let us help you

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The EY role

Current and future questions

Governments City administrations OEM suppliers Utilities Restaurants, hotels, public parking owners, etc. Current stakeholders of the EV charging value chain Other stakeholders (IT, telecom, insurance companies, etc.)
How can we use EV charging infrastructure to include more renewables in our energy plan? What options are available to our municipality and how do we choose the best one for our region?How global is the EV charging phenomenon? What JV could makesense here?How is the EV charging infrastructure ramping up? What charging options are available?Do we have theappropriate business supporting EV charging?Where do we fit in the EV charging value chain?
Where is competition heading?
What value can we bring to emerging trends in the EV charging industry?
How do we design an appropriate incentive scheme to mobilize industry players? With whom should we team up to provide services emerging from EV infrastructure? What charging components are needed for the various vehicle powertrain types?Are we missing an opportunity or do well in waiting for the landscape to become better defi ned?What value do we bring to the business?What complement can further support our value proposition?Can we be a complement to this industry? Is there a market we can create?
Can we create a cluster in our country (or region) to focus on R&D supporting the evolution of EV charging? Should we begin to send out RFPs for EV charging infrastructureor wait a bit longer?Can we design something needed in the EV charging value chain for OEMs or other stakeholders?Given the appropriate partnership, how could EV charging help us save energy and better serve our customer base?What strategic advantages should we aim at?
How do we build the right business strategy covering business risk and rapid market change?
Should we expand our scope offering?How do we measure the value creation potential of the company we want to partner with?
The investor's response
Are public private partnership (PPP) initiativesshaping up in markets of interest to us? Is the EV charging industry to change the market value of some automotive suppliers?
How do we assess the value creation potential of the EV charging industry for suppliers?
Do utilities present a potential new investment area?How do we value a EV charging business idea?
What benchmark do we use to calculate an appropriate IRR?
How do we benchmark the appropriate WACC with my investment target?How do we measure risk impacting the rate of return when several industries merge?
Questions related to cash flow
  • What are the capital needs and key revenue streams associated with the business strategy and their risks?
  • What cash flow scenarios for business and model scenarios to assess profi tability and ROI can be built?
  • What assessment of building, operating and outsourcing options for activities across the EV business strategies can currently be made?
  • What pricing models are suitable for the various business strategies at hand in the EV charging infrastructure landscape?

How can we use EV charging infrastructure to include more renewables in our energy plan?

Our powertrain team offers advice to a variety of players concerned with the development of EVs.

Helping you profit from the new world of EVs In recent months, our advanced powertrain team has offered advice to a variety of players concerned with the development of EVs, including:

The EY role

The EY role

  • Cities looking for a sustainable EV infrastructure strategy
  • Policy-makers designing EV industry support mechanisms to jump-start the market
  • Utilities looking for new revenue streams and greater client engagement
  • Companies that need business valuations for EV-related assets
  • Fleet managers evaluating new powertrain architecture
  • Finance executives assessing the tax and finance implications of leasing EVs
  • Manufacturers looking for government incentives for R&D and other projects
  • Entrepreneurs trying to craft a winning business model

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