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Renewable energy attractiveness indices - August 2012 - Renewable country scores - EY - Global

Renewable energy attractiveness indices: August 2012

Renewable country scores

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The CAI scores are based on four general market parameters and seven technology-specific parameters.

How do we score countries?

The EY CAI scores and ranks 40 countries in respect of their national energy policy, renewable energy infrastructure and the growth potential of individual technologies. The indices provide scores out of 100 and are updated on a quarterly basis.

The CAI take a generic view and different sponsor or financier requirements will clearly affect how countries are rated. EY’s renewable energy advisors can provide detailed studies to meet specific corporate objectives.

Forward-looking indices

The ARI and technology-specific indices are forward looking and take a long-term view (up to five-years). This time period forms the basis of both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

All renewables index

This index provides an overall score for all renewable energy technologies. It combines individual technology indices as follows:

  1. Wind index — 55% (comprising onshore wind index (80%) and offshore wind index (20%))
  2. Solar index — 32%(comprising solar photovoltaic (PV) index (85%) and concentrated solar power (CSP) index(15%))
  3. Biomass and other resources index — 13%

Individual technology indices

These indices are derived from scoring:

  1. General country-specific parameters (the renewables infrastructure index), accounting for 35%
  2. Technology-specific parameters (the technology factors), accounting for 65%

Renewables infrastructure index

This provides an assessment, by country, of the general regulatory infrastructure for renewable energy. On a weighted basis, the index covers:

  1. Electricity market regulatoary and political risk - 29%
  2. Planning and grid connection issues - 42%
  3. Access to finance - 29%

Technology factors

These comprise six indices providing resource-specific assessments for each country, covering:

  1. Onshore wind index
  2. Offshore wind index
  3. Solar PV index
  4. Solar CSP index
  5. Geothermal index
  6. Biomass and other resources index

These technology assessments consider the following parameters:

  1. Power offtake attractivness
  2. Tax climate
  3. Grant or soft loan availability
  4. Market growth potential
  5. Current installed growth
  6. Resource quality
  7. Project size

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