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Beverage industry growth opportunities

Enhancing corporate reputation

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“Beverage companies are starting to investigate the business implications of climate changes on the availability and price of clean water and essential agricultural commodities.” Doug Johnston,
Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Companies need to be acting in an ethical and responsible manner in order to attract increasingly issue-savvy consumers. Ultimately, firms will profit — taking steps such as reducing water usage will bring down costs, encourage innovation and generate positive exposure.

Sustainability as a growth driver

Customers and consumers want to know that beverage companies are not damaging the environment or the communities they operate in. Additionally, companies are also able to view sustainability as a source of value and cost.

As beverage companies manufacture locally, they place a significant demand on local water and energy resources. Many companies are focusing on working with communities to minimize pressure on local resources and ensure that their operations provide tangible value to the communities in the form of support for local suppliers and assistance in introducing efficient modern practices, jobs and access to training and education.

Putting sustainability into practice

Embedding sustainability requires transformational change and real commitment across a range of beverage-specific issues:

  • Water scarcity
  • Packaging and recycling
  • Sustainable farming and agriculture
  • Labor practices
  • Energy efficiency
  • Economic value and community investment

Health and wellness

Changing consumer and government attitudes also mean that beverage products are in the spotlight and companies need to be seen to be acting ethically. Companies selling alcoholic beverages are being encouraged by government and societal pressure to promote sensible alcohol consumption.

Consequently, responsibility messaging is becoming a standard packaging feature and some manufacturers are even running campaigns on the subject.

How we can help

We bring many years of experience of working with many of the largest beverage and consumer products companies on their sustainability programs.

Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) professionals help clients to align their business with climate change and sustainability opportunities.

Our CCaSS group offers services that include:

  • Sustainability governance, risk management and strategic direction
  • Sustainability program design and management
  • Review and audit sustainable supply chain
  • Regulation and tax efficiency
  • KPI definition, performance measurement, reporting and assurance, financing and transactions advice
  • Cleantech advisory services

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