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Consumer Products Deals Quarterly, October-December 2010 - Sector Focus - EY - Global

Consumer Products Deals Quarterly, October-December 2010

Sector Focus

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Food deals increased by 9% to 234 deals, the highest level of deals since 2007.

Summary: Food deals continued to provide the bulk of deal volume in the fourth quarter but the largest proportionate increase was in the home and personal care (HPC) sector. Beverage deals also recorded a strong percentage increase in deal volume.

HPC sector

The HPC segment's total of 44 deals represented an increase of 52% (15 deals) compared with Q3 10. This was the highest level of HPC deals in any quarterly period in the last two years.

HPC disclosed transaction value fell to US$3.56b (a decrease of 63%) in the quarter, despite the increase in the number of deals in the sector. We note that the previous quarter contained two HPC deals in the top 10 for 2010, which increased the average deal size in Q3 10 considerably.

Beverage sector

Deal volume in the beverage sector was also up significantly on the prior quarter at 77 deals, 35% (20 deals) higher than the previous quarter. Beverage transactions had a disclosed market value of US$4.95b in the quarter, an increase of US$830m (20%) on the previous quarter.

Food sector

Food deals increased by 20 (9%) to 234, the highest level of deals in the three-year period, building on the previous Q3 10 high. The total disclosed deal value of food deals was US$16.26b, an increase of US$7.49b (85%) on the previous quarter.

Tobacco sector

Deal volume and value remained low in the tobacco sector for Q4 10.

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