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Banking risk management survey 2012 – EY – Banking & Capital Markets - EY - Global

Bank risk management survey 2012

Internal transparency, data and systems

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“We are now in the seventh inning of data aggregation. Two years ago we were in the first inning.”

In today’s charged regulatory and economic environment, internal transparency of information is a critical aspect of risk management.

To establish strong culture, embed a risk appetite and effectively manage liquidity and capital, senior management needs timely and accurate reports aggregated across businesses and geographies to make strategic decisions and plan for the future.

According to the survey, 42% report they have significantly enhanced transparency across their organizations post-crisis. Another 44% report moderate enhancement. With work underway, improving transparency requires a multi-year investment in management time, staff and funding.

Four critical areas for improving internal transparency include:

  • Upgrading economic models and metrics to measure risk
  • Improving data aggregation, accuracy and quality
  • Streamlining reporting
  • Investing in systems

Areas of increased transparency

Areas of increased transparency

Most predict a percentage increase in IT spend up to 20%

Most predict a percentage increase in IT spend up to 20%

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