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Adapt to a new risk management order

Risk management is taking on a new level of importance. Discover why banks must get up to speed on the latest risk governance and control practices.


EY - Risk culture at the forefront of banking Risk culture at the forefront of banking
Take a closer look at the five themes that emerged from our study of risk management practices at 52 banks.

EY Building more effective risk appetite frameworks Building more effective risk appetite frameworks
Banks need to move risk appetite plans from high-level statements to practical application. Learn the key attributes of an effective risk appetite framework.

EY - Banking risk management survey 2012 Banking risk management survey 2012
Learn how practices to manage enterprise-wide risk have evolved to meet global financial reform requirements, yet lack adequate integration and transparency.

EY - Do risk appetite frameworks go far enough? Do risk appetite frameworks go far enough?
Some view the new frameworks as cornerstones of risk management and oversight; others doubt their effectiveness. Read insights from bank risk executives and board directors.

EY - Profile of a businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman stepping down from an airplane Implications of Eurozone crisis
What issues are complex global banks considering in their response to the Eurozone crisis? Tapestry Network's ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes the discussions from non-executive bank directors.

EY - business woman waiting at airport Top and emerging risks for global banking
Read how banks are responding to risks in funding and liquidity, regulatory changes, cybersecurity, other geopolitical risks and the general economic picture.

EY - Business man smiling Improving risk identification
This ViewPoints paper summarizes three ways banks can identify emerging risks gathered from discussions with directors, CROs, regulators and banking professionals.

EY - Evolution of the CRO Evolution of the CRO
"CRO" may not be a new title in banking, but post-crisis challenges mean that responsibilities have grown considerably for this officer. Gain further insight into this role's challenges and which areas will be integral for success.

EY - Global banks What lies ahead on the bank risk governance journey?
This report highlights the state of bank risk governance and upcoming priorities based on discussions with bank leadership, non-executive directors and senior regulators.

EY - Back to ERM basics for banking industry Back to ERM basics for banking industry
By reviewing risk fundamentals and establishing an empowered head of ERM, banks will create a more holistic view of risk across their organizations.

EY - Global banks The liquidity gap
Solvency and liquidity are the core pillars of banking, but the financial crisis exposed weaknesses global financial services leaders now must work to fix.

EY - Global banks How global banking is fixing vulnerabilities
Shoring up risk governance is top priority for banks amidst competing demands. Our risk governance survey provides perspective on what's next.

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