• Rethinking risk management

    Our sixth annual risk management survey finds banks are changing their approach to risk management, creating proactive methods to manage non-financial risks and making front-office staff more accountable.

  • Looking for acceptable, sustainable ROE?

    Transforming investment banks shows how an unremitting focus on transforming existing business and operating models can help banks unlock investor returns of 12% - 15%.

  • Transforming banking: Global Banking Outlook 2015

    Global megatrends, stakeholder pressure and lackluster economic growth will drive both evolution and revolution for banks over the next decade.

  • Regulatory challenges for banks in 2015

    Banks face a formidable task this year: how to design, implement and manage a business model that satisfies the demands of supervisors, shareholders and investors.

  • Global Commercial Banking Survey 2014

    Our survey of more than 2,000 mid-market banking consumers reveals ways for commercial banks to advance services in the digital age.

  • Redesigning the front office

    Pressures in the small and medium-sized enterprise market are forcing banks to rethink how to serve these customers. We identify three models that can help.

  • Banking in emerging markets: Investing for success

    Learn what it takes to succeed in the world’s most volatile markets, and use our interactive tool to explore each market in-depth.

  • Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014

    Our Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014 delves deep into the customer experience around the globe to uncover what people truly want from their banking providers.

Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with sweeping changes and increasing customer and shareholder expectations for service, transparency and return on equity.

We can help you evolve your bank’s operating model and pursue the greatest opportunities for growth.

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EY -  Global Commercial Banking Survey 2014