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CFO report

The new era of banking regulation

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“Even though the rules may change in the future, we want to act prudently and make sure that we adhere to the current rules. Knowing that there might be some relief in the future only gives you extra space at that point in time.”Pieter Emmen, Chief Risk Officer, Rabobank

Sponsored by EY in collaboration with CFO Research Services, the 2011 CFO report studies how banks are creating value while undergoing significant operational changes to meet the increased regulation of capital and liquidity.

Moving forward in the wake of crisis

As banks strive to emerge from the global financial crisis, they are encountering a new era of banking. It is one marked by continuing regulatory uncertainty and economic instability, which is hindering banks’ ability to move forward.

These unprecedented conditions have begun to significantly alter the global banking landscape. The imperative of driving growth while managing compliance continues to compel how banks map their operational priorities to adapt successfully, yet important forward-looking decisions may be further hampered by bank executives grown averse to even controlled and reasonable risks.

To forge ahead, industry leaders say banks must innovate while applying the lessons of the global financial crisis. To do this, banks are encouraged to employ “disciplined innovation,” pursuing growth through reasonable risks.

What’s inside

In this report, we look to global banking executives to learn how banks are creating value in the face of so many regulatory and economic unknowns. We also examine the opportunities and risks banks must address to make effective strategic decisions.

Specifically we explore these points across the following topics:

Executives at the following organizations were interviewed for this report:

  • Bank of Baroda
  • BNY Mellon
  • Citibank Australia
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DBS Group Holdings (DBS)
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Fitch Ratings (London)
  • ING Group
  • KeyCorp
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • Rabobank
  • Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Standard & Poor’s (New York)
  • Zions Bancorp

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