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FATCA becomes effective on 1 July 2014. Make sure your new processes are all embeded and executed properly, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Let us help you identify the appropriate mix of tools and flexible learning to meet your specific requirements.

FATCA online survey tool

Global, customizable surveys

The online survey tools are a suite of FATCA-centric survey tools that can be rapidly customized to meet your needs.

Users can split input and output by tax type, entity, business, and country. A built-in database of predefined questions spans multiple tax types and accelerates survey construction.

The tool generates web-based surveys that can be deployed globally, performed simultaneously, and aggregated nearly instantly.

Using this tool greatly reduces the overall assessment time, focuses priorities, and shortens the FATCA compliance timeline.

The tool’s built-in logic produces a visual risk guide (heat map) and impact assessment.

Contact us to find out more about our FATCA online survey tool.

FATCA decision tree tool

Interactive application for navigating the FATCA legislation

Our FATCA decision tree tool is a stand-alone tool that enables users to explore various FATCA classification flows interactively, allowing for assessment of the exact FATCA impact for each customer and legal entity type.

As a stand-alone application, it can be deployed quickly and used immediately. The standard web-based user interface is simple and intuitive.

The tool provides extensive flexibility in interacting with the decision trees — providing instant feedback for playing out alternate scenarios.

The tool is primarily based on classifying legal entities and categories of customers, but the ease of use makes it an excellent choice for FATCA education, as well.

Contact us to find out more about our FATCA decision tree tool.

FATCA data classification tool

Quickly categorize legal entity and customer populations

The FATCA data classification tool is a customizable solution that allows advanced visualization and analysis of large volumes of both legal entity and customer data.

Because it’s data driven and customizable for each client, our FATCA data classification tool can make quick work of processing your data sources to understand distribution metrics and data quality.

We leverage software to help customize data visualization and analysis. This delivers the information you want — in the format you want — without extraneous data, which enables rapid assessment and delivery of targeted solutions to accelerate the impact analysis of a FATCA project.

Contact us to find out more about our FATCA data classification tool.

Are your staff members ready for the substantial changes which are needed as a result of FATCA?

Our market experience has shown that organizations spend significant effort designing and building new processes. However, it is not always easy to operationalize and embed these processes. We can help support you to operationalize and embed these processes with your people and therefore decrease the risk of non-compliance.


How will you meet your training requirements?

To ensure your staff understands the changes required by FATCA, you should introduce a comprehensive training program for both impacted business areas and the wider impacted audience.

Our approach allows you to meet this training demand. It provides both the flexibility to customize your training program as required and the ability to leverage extensive off the shelf content.


A flexible and comprehensive approach

Our approach covers the ‘end-to-end’ learning cycle, from curriculum design through to delivery. A Training Needs Analysis will be conducted to identify your training requirements.

We will then work with you to identify the appropriate mix of training delivery mechanisms.


  Short video excerpt of our e-briefing module Introduction to FATCA


For further information on our e-learning modules, please contact one of our Regional FATCA leaders.