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Global banking: Foresights and insights (Series V) - EY - Global

Global banking: Foresights and insights (Video V)SIFI rules are recasting global banking

The global financial crash has set off a raft of new financial regulation at the local and international levels. One particularly notable development is the move to identify the largest global banks – those capable of causing the most damage to the global financial system should things go wrong – and then to tailor risk-reducing regulations for them.

The new rules for these systemically important financial institutions – or SIFIs — set more stringent capital and liquidity requirements that are causing the largest global banks to restructure their businesses in important ways.

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What is a SIFI? (Part 1 of 14): A systemically important financial institution (SIFI) is a financial institution considered sufficiently large, complex and interconnected that – should it experience serious financial issues – could cause significant damage to other financial institutions and the global financial system.


Session moderator

Steve Sherretta, Knowledge@Wharton editor


Bill Schlich Bill Schlich
Global Banking & Capital Markets Leader, EY

Vangel Donald Don Vangel
Senior Advisor, Banking and Regulatory Matters, EY

Itay goldstein Itay Goldstein
Professor of Finance, The Wharton School
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