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Developed in response to inadequacies in financial regulation exposed during the global financial crisis, Basel III calls for tough new rules on bank capital and liquidity.

Negotiated through the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the agreement known as “Basel III” is poised to have a significant impact on the world’s financial systems and economies.

Basel III EY timeline & approach

Overall, the implications for the banking industry from Basel III could be profound. New minimum capital standards changes combined with the higher capital charges for trading books will make some business models less profitable or even unprofitable going forward and banks will need to rethink their strategy and business portfolio in the light of the changes.

Read our insights below to learn how the new regulations will impact banks’ costs and profitability, from increased liquid assets to enhanced data and technology infrastructure required to meet the new standards.

EY - Enhanced standards for liquidity coverage ratio

Enhanced standards for liquidity coverage ratio

The proposed liquidity rule leverages a Basel Committee rule and makes enhancements to customize it for the US financial system.

EY - Deferred tax implications of final Basel III rules

Deferred tax implications of final Basel III rules

Some of the final regulations differ significantly from those in a notice of proposed rulemaking issued last year, including provisions related to deferred tax assets.

Basel III fundamental trading book review

Basel III fundamental trading book review

A long-awaited review of trading book rules has finally begun and will address shortcomings in trading book design and market risk regulatory capital regime.

New impacts of regulatory and accounting changes

New impacts of regulatory and accounting changes

Banks are divided on how to tackle the effects of Basel III and IFRS 13 on the fair value of derivatives.

Basel III & liquidity: Going all the way

Basel III & liquidity: Going all the way

Industry experts discuss the implications of Basel capital and liquidity requirements for the banking sector.

Banking risk management survey 2012

Banking risk management survey 2012

Learn how risk management and risk governance practices have evolved to meet global financial reform requirements, yet lack adequate integration and transparency.

Banking & Capital Markets

Basel III: a new integrated capital framework for the US

Read the recently released Basel III notices of proposed rulemaking (NPRs) that would revise and replace current capital rules.

Banking & Capital Markets

Basel 2.5: US market risk final rule

Read our insights regarding the Federal Reserve Board’s Basel 2.5 Market Risk Final Rule, effective 1 January 2013.

Basel lll: strategic forecasting

Shaping tomorrow’s business today -- Basel lll: strategic forecasting

Read how we can help our clients in the banking sector answer strategic questions quickly, and comply with stress testing in relation to regulatory reform under Basel III.

Taking a holistic approach to capital management

Learn about the enormous benefits banks can reap from a more centralized, strategic monitoring and management of cash and liquidity, especially during these stressful times.

Top ranking for our Basel II/Basel III work

EY is named the overall winner of Operational Risk & Regulation’s annual consultancy rankings with a first place win for Basel work.

Make capital work harder — take action

Learn how banks can find savings through more efficient capital calculations.

Welcome to the new liquidity — Basel lll requirements

Read our overview on how firms can achieve the new benchmark for liquidity risk management.

Risk appetite — creating a balanced and healthy framework

Our tools help institutions integrate an effective risk appetite framework.

Making every drop count (Global)

An overview of Basel III liquidity requirements, global implications and how we can help institutions address the emerging supervisory guidance.

Making every drop count (US)

Our report reviews Basel III liquidity requirements and implications for US institutions.

CFO report: The new era of banking regulation

In our fifth CFO report, we examine how global banks are recalibrating their business in an industry altered by post-crisis regulatory reforms.

Making strides in financial services risk management

Meeting both regulatory guidelines and IIF recommendations has been challenging for banks. Our survey shows where they've succeeded.

Liquidity management survey of European banks

Having strong liquidity risk management is the focus of the regulatory agenda. Our survey reveals issues and variations of preparedness for the new regime.

Basel III implementation: APRA’s consultation packages

As Basel III implementation nears, learn what you need to know about the business and strategy of Authorized Deposit taking Institutions (ADIs) with operations in Australia.

The impact of Basel III in Europe

In this supplement to our fourth CFO survey, we explore the latest developments and responses in Europe to the Basel III framework.