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Global banking: Foresights and insights (Video VI) - EY - Global

Global banking: Foresights and insights (Video VI)

The future of mobile banking

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Mobile banking is the next big thing in the retail banking industry, many observers say. Over the next five to 10 years, expect it to become as routine as using ATMs. But successful customer experiences will require large technology investments, tricky collaborations with competitors, and a clear "own-the-customer" strategy.

Banks will also need to be open-minded — willing to learn marketing and security lessons drawn from trailblazing developing markets. But the rewards for banks could be great, too, given the extremely low transactions costs associated with mobile devices.

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What does mobile banking mean for banks? (Part 1 of 18): What is mobile banking? Apart from using mobile devices, how does it differ from online banking with a computer or a tablet?


Session moderator

Steve Sherretta, Knowledge@Wharton editor


Steve Ferguson Steve Ferguson
Asia-Pacific Banking & Capital Markets Leader,

John Keller John Keller
Americas Banking & Capital Markets Advisory Leader,

Keith Weigelt Keith Weigelt
Professor of Management, The Wharton School

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