IFRS insurance insights

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We are increasingly living in a global economy—with trade and inbound and outbound investment a fact of life. It's no wonder capital markets have long advocated for globally recognized accounting standards.

Until recently, that common accounting language has been a missing link. Now, policymakers, lawmakers and regulators are working alongside standard-setters to provide a single set of high-quality, global accounting principles.

Benefit from our timely insights as your prepare for this transition.

The taxing issue of IFRS 4 Phase II

Learn about the implications of this tax regime, and what adjustments insurance companies may need to make in response.

FASB releases Exposure Draft on insurance contracts

The proposed model will affect insurance contracts significantly and will apply to all insurance contracts, including those issued by non-insurance entities such as banks. Watch our on-demand webcast on the topic.

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IASB revised Exposure Draft released

The revised ED for Insurance Contracts is a major milestone toward global consistency of reporting for insurers. Read our special alert about the big news, and watch our on-demand webcast on the topic..

Use our insurance business impact accelerator tool

Use our insurance business impact accelerator tool (updated June 2013)

Have you developed a roadmap for implementing IFRS Phase II? Use our insurance business impact accelerator tool to help evaluate and overcome your key challenges.

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IFRS / accounting change publication archive

Tap into our archive of thought leadership reports and gain insight into the evolution of IFRS / accounting change and its impact on the industry.