Perspectives on insurance governance

Perspectives on insurance governance

Insights from global insurance directors and regulators

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ViewPoints on insurance governance

EY - The digitization of the insurance sector   The digitization of the insurance sector
Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN) participants met recently to discuss digital transformation in the insurance sector. We share their findings in this report.

EY - Cybersecurity and macroeconomic challenges   Cybersecurity and macroeconomic challenges
Participants at a recent IGLN meeting shared perspectives on cybersecurity threats and macroeconomic disruption – two major sources of risk facing companies in the insurance industry.

Insurance Directors' Summit tackles risk   Insurance Directors' Summit tackles risk
IGLN members see five key risk-related issues: the 'systemically important' designation, cross-border supervision, risk identification, emerging risks and the challenges of a low-rate environment.

  The challenge of aligning risk-based regulations
Directors at a recent meeting of the IGLN agreed that conflicting global regulations continue to hamper the industry.

  Insurers face challenges implementing Solvency II
Important questions remain regarding how regulations will evolve, how insurers and their boards will react and the ultimate impact of these changes on the industry.

  Global insurance leaders find common ground
Participants at an IGLN meeting discussed a range of issues that included accelerating regulatory change and cross-border supervision.

  Challenges facing insurers: view from the boardroom
The views of non-executive directors have been missing in the discussion on how best to respond to challenging regulatory, political, and economic conditions.