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Citizen Today, August 2011 - Pointing the way - EY - Global

Citizen Today, August 2011

Pointing the way

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From business growth in Africa to the importance of digital archives in Canada and The Netherlands, the path to future growth is being mapped out by today’s leaders.

With sustained global economic recovery still far from assured, it is clear we continue to live in uncertain times.

Policy-makers are currently confronted with a myriad of challenges and, certainly, a silver bullet to the lingering repercussions of the financial crisis has yet to appear.

From how to blend austerity with economic growth and new jobs, to addressing sweeping demographic changes and the continuing conundrum of how to implement spending cuts without harming public services, the prospects for a global resurgence appear mixed.

In this, our eighth edition of Citizen Today, we consider many of these themes across topics such as:

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