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Discover our webcast with Herman Van Rompuy (President of the European Council) and Charles Leadbeater (international innovation expert) as well as other related videos.

Watch the interview Webcast: Herman Van Rompuy (President of the European Council) and Charles Leadbeater (international innovation expert)

Watch the webcast
Watch the interview Compilation of the Summit which took place in Brussels on May 4

Discover a summary of our
“Government x Business = innovation²”
Watch the interview Alessandro Cenderello
Global Markets Leader Government and Public Sector - EY

Talking about policies to be separated and fragmentation to be avoided within Europe
Watch the interview Christian Saublens, CEO of EURADA

Sharing his point of view on the importance of a common approach and the instruments supporting companies
Watch the interview Didier Seeuws, Special advisor to Herman Van Rompuy

Speaking about the need to secure means for education, research and investment in the budget consolidation
Watch the interview Marc Descheemaecker,
CEO Belgian national railway company (NMBS)

Going into the steps to take for a more innovative Europe
Watch the interview Michel Praet,
Innovation expert in the cabinet of Herman Van Rompuy

Explaining why government and business are both important in that matter
Watch the interview Geert Noels,
CEO Econopolis and author of Econoshock

Indicating why an environment encouraging innovation needs to be created
Watch the interview Gerard Van Santen,
Financial reporting expert at EY

Speaking about the key role played by innovation in Europe
Watch the interview Philippe Grand,
France Cleantech Industry Leader at EY

Considering open innovation as a concept that could properly grow in Europe


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